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2022 CRF450R
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Honda’s Unicam cylinder heads combine the best of single- and double-overhead-cam designs.
Our engineers redesigned the auto decompression hardware, and also moved it from the right
side of the cam to the left. The result is less stalling at extreme low RPM (think deep into a turn
without downshifting) as well as better rideability. The 2021 CRF450R also gets a whole new cylinder
head. Its biggest feature: an oval-shaped centralized exhaust port. Together with the new
single-muffler exhaust, it boosts power from 5000 rpm up and increases exhaust efficiency.
Lightweight titanium intake valves cut down on reciprocating mass and permit the use of
smaller valve springs, reducing overall engine height.

How many corners are there on your favourite motocross or Supercross track? Each one
of those leads directly from the starting gate to the winner’s circle—at least
when you’re riding a redesigned 2021 Honda CRF450R. New chassis. Major engine
overhaul. New suspension. New bodywork. All with the goal of letting you rail
through the corners with the most precision and power you’ve ever experienced.
The engine’s power delivery starts off deep down for corner drive, and just
keeps building until it’s at maximum roost. Forget about clutch fade,
adjustment, or hand fatigue with the new hydraulic system. Lighter than ever,
the CRF450R explodes out of corners when it’s time to increase your lead.

Packed with winning advantage

New Hydraulic Clutch, Styling, Single Exhaust system, Slim lightweight body and plenty more

Premium handling

SHOWA® Suspension and HRC Launch Control