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Pioneer 700 SXS 2 seater

At the heart of this Australian spec Pioneer 700 is Honda’s proven fuel-Injected 700cc-class liquid-cooled OHV single cylinder four-stroke engine.

Fuel injection means it will always start up, even on cold days or at high altitude and an all-new intake design helps minimise dust ingestion. Automotive-style automatic transmission with hydraulic torque converter, three forward gears and reverse.

In contrast to a belt drive system, the automotive-style Honda Automatic Transmission, with a heavy-duty torque converter and three hydraulic clutches provides positive engine braking. Electric power steering and fully automatic transmission now comes with a manual mode that can be activated via a dash-mounted toggle switch; use the steering-column-mounted paddle shifters to change gears while in manual mode, or to override shift points on the fly while in automatic mode.

The 2017 Pioneer 700-4s rugged and solid construction is supported by long-travel suspension of 200mm in front and 230mm in the rear which provides a plush ride with class-leading stability.

In addition to a fully independent rear suspension, the rear shocks feature preload adjustability to handle the Pioneer’s generous load capabilities, Honda’s Pioneer is ready for the toughest work.

Exceeding previous Side-by-Side vehicles, Honda’s two seat variant, the Pioneer™ 700-2 boasts all of the same revolutionary features as the four seat variant but instead of the fold-down in-bed seating, it features a conventional hydraulically-assisted tilt bed.

Seat Belt Interlock feature for improved safety which prompts drivers to wear their seatbelt. This feature will limit the speed of the vehicle when the seatbelt is not engaged reducing the likelihood of an injury.

Ready to tackle the toughest Australian terrain, the compact dimensions of Honda’s new Pioneer offers high level of manoeuvrability and the impressive turning radius will get the Pioneer out of any tight spot.

Available in Honda’s iconic red colour, the Pioneer has rugged and aggressive styling.