2023 HONDA CB500F

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 2021 Honda CB500F


The CB500F is an aggressively-styled street-fighter; it’s one of Honda’s tried-and-trusted formulas, with uncompromising lines that further elevate
its technical and mechanical aspects. The CB500F has an entertaining
twin-cylinder engine wrapped in a simple, lightweight, sporty chassis, which can be as much fun for a veteran rider as it is for those still building their riding experience.
Compact dimensions and welcoming manners make it a great tool for learning plus sensible running costs are ideal for commuting.
Those same attributes also make it a genuine pleasure for weekend outings along sweeping winding roads.


The eight-valve, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin-cylinder engine offers a
well-proportioned balance of physical size and willing, enjoyable power output,
with an energetic, high-revving character and capable top-end performance. Already strong off the bottom, this year development focused on faster
acceleration through a boost in low-to-mid-range power and torque in the 3,000
to 7,000rpm range. Feeding the PGM-FI fuel injection is now a straight shot of airflow through
the airbox and throttle bodies.The battery has been repositioned further away from the rear of the airbox
intake duct to allow greater airflow.
The exhaust muffler now features dual exit pipes, adding a sportier-sounding
edge to each pulse. Peak power arrives at 8,500 rpm, with maximum torque
delivered at 7,000 rpm.

The primary couple-balancer sits behind the cylinders, close to the bike’s
centre of gravity. The primary and balancer gears use scissor gears, reducing

The crank counterweight is specifically shaped for couple-balance is light to
allow the engine to spin freely, with reduced inertia.

A six-speed gearbox mirrors that of the RR and uses the same gear-change arm
structure and link mechanism.

An assist/slipper clutch enables lighter upshifts and smoother

The engine complements the frame’s rigidity with four frame hangers on the
cylinder head.

Internally, the cylinder head uses roller-rocker arms; shim-type valve
adjustment allows them to be light, for lower valve-spring load and reduced
friction. A silent cam chain has the surface of its pins treated with Vanadium,
reducing friction with increased protection against wear.



The CB500Fs naked form has evolved front to rear and exudes a newfound

Led by the penetrating headlight design, the machine’s stance is low-set and ready for action; the side shrouds interlock with the fuel tank and fully
emphasise the engine, while the side covers and seat unit continue the theme of muscular angularity.

New LCD instruments feature Gear Position and Shift Up indicators; this is set to a default 8,750 rpm but can be adjusted in 250 rpm increments between 5,000 and 8,750 rpm.